At the start of October I moved to Loughborough University, this caused some issues at the start for my winter training. Its only a 40 mins drive to HPP in Nottingham but I can’t drive and this meant I had to travel via public transport/cycle. It turned out the best way for me to get there was by cycling to the train station a 15 min cycle then get the train to Nottingham and then another 20 mins cycle across the city, not ideal but meant I could train.

loughborough university sign

Due to the travel, not having a coach and the white water course often flooded out I had a lack of motivation. I don’t remember the last time that happened to me and I didn’t like it. To resolve the situation I now have a coach for over here in the UK, Huw Swetnam. This has been a great benefit and has helped me out no-end. 

The lack of motivation meant I missed out on valuable training and the time between getting back in a boat and selection wasn’t long enough for me to get a physical block of training in. As I hadn’t been in a boat for a long time it meant I could correct some of my techniques which was a blessing in discise. Owing to the fact that I was only allowed on the flat as the course was flooded out was actually as saving grace. It meant I could go back to basics and start again. There was always going to be the issue of a lack of fitness in the lead up to selection, but I was heavily relying on my technique. 

With the course being flooded this winter the weather was often rainy and wet, usually when I was travelling to and from the white water course. This resulted in me becoming very wet and to prevent this I went out and bought some very nice shinny new waterproofs which Im very happy about.

This winter I was able to get out with the uni canoe club a couple of time for some river trips. This was a nice change and something that was needed, paddling on the flat water for a long time can become quite boring.

Its not long at all now till selection lets hope I can pull out some good runs and make the team for the 2014 season.