I was faced with a dilemma last year of which boat bag should I chose? There were several different ones I could have chosen from, so which one was the best? Everybody tends to know that all the top boat manufacturers make their own boat bags but honestly I found that these were not built to a high standard. I’ve seen people buy bags and then after the first flight they use it on there are holes in the side and the handles have ripped off from rough handling. After a bit of research I came across a company in the UK called Canyon Gear UK, they make bespoke boat bags. I want to point out that I’m not sponsored or affiliated with this company in any way, I just think that the boat bags they make are great.

Canoe slalom boat bag

The main issues I found with the other boat bags on the market is that they didn’t protect the boat well enough and once they broke you were stuffed, but this is where Canyon Gear UK boat bags differ. Because they are custom made you are able to get it built to the specification you want. I had to measure my boat and give them lots of dimensions so that they were able to make the shape of my boat. I requested that the boat bag have extra padding for protection and I can say that I’m highly impressed with it. The second point I mentioned about the other boat bags is that when they break you are very limited to what can be done to fix them, usually resorting to your own sewing abilities. Whereas with Canyon Gear UK you can return the bag and they are able to repair most issues from patches to broken zips. Yes, this is an extra cost but it’s better than throwing all your money (and boat bags) down the drain.

When getting my boat bag designed I was able to select from a variety of different colours and also requested fragile to be embroidered on the bag several times. On top of this I got my name, website and contact details embroidered onto the bag for if it ever happened to get lost.

You might underestimate the importance of carrying straps and handles but when your boat is loaded up with kit and weighs 30Kg’s you’ll be thankful for them. There are three handles, grab handles on each side of the nose and tail so that two people can carry the boat, handles in the middle for a single person to carry it and a shoulder strap which makes it much easier to transport with any other kit you’ve brought as well.

You might be thinking because it is custom made that it’s going to be expensive, I know I did. It shocked me to find out that they cost only slightly more than the other boat bags on the market. I do not regret my decision to buy this boat bag I’ve since then bought another for my spare boat. I highly recommend this company, you won’t regret the decision to buy one of their boat bags.; last year the bag was even used as a comfy sleeping bag when we had to stay in the airport overnight.