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Athlete store is the official retailer of For Goodness Shakes and Nectar offering world class sports nutrition designed by athletes, for athletes. I use both of these products while I’m training because they are key to making sure I’m hydrated and fully recovered. For Goodness Shakes is the UK’s number 1 sports recovery brand. A unique carbohydrate, protein, vitamin and mineral formula, it is scientifically designed to maximise recovery following intense training. Nectar is the simple solution to optimising hydration and energy levels to improve performance and endurance capacity. If you sign up to the »athletesclub all members will receive a 10% exclusive discount off their order, plus you get free shipping on orders over £30.


I’m lucky enough to be supported by CANI. The Canoe Association of Northern Ireland (CANI) was formed in 1964 and is the governing body responsible for the management, co-ordination, development and promotion of canoeing in Northern Ireland. CANI is currently run by a voluntary council which is elected at the AGM each year. To assist Council with developments, there are a number of specialist sub-committees. CANI’s vision for 2013 – 17 is to develop a system and culture to enable long-term participation opportunities, access to quality coaching and a performance pathway that will enable athletes to succeed at the highest level.

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Celtic Paddles

Celtic Paddles Ltd. was formed for the manufacture of paddles specifically for the Intermediate to advanced paddler. In 2010 Celtic Paddles purchased Lendal paddles. Celtic Paddles now produces the Pro and Classic range. All the Pro range and most of the Classic range are manufactured in Anglesey, Wales. Fortunately their location helps sponsored paddlers such as myself, to try and test the newest designs. This enables them to make alterations to both the specifications and designs and keep up with ever changing demands and developments within the sport. The paddles are built in the SKUK factory who also manufacture sea kayaks, this enables them to design and manufacture a standard range of paddles with the option of customising if needed.


Contour’s cameras are my personal favourite. Contour Cameras are pioneers and have consistently proven to be a leader in the the Point of View Camera market for over ten years. Today, they are proud to manufacture a camera that enables modern day explorers, sportsmen and women, adventurers, professionals and amateurs to tell their video story of action, adventure and travel. When the predecessor ran into trouble and closed its doors in August of 2013, Clarke Capital purchased most of its assets from a court-appointed receiver. The aim is clear, to create a world-class company to support this world-class product, to recover Contour’s position as the leading Action Camera on the market and then to continue to innovate and bring to market the world’s best action camera.

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Easy Composites

I go to Easy Composites for all my needs in repairing my boats, they have a vast amount of knowledge and are more than willing to help you out. Easy Composites Ltd was launched in 2010 and has quickly grown to become one of the UK’s and Europe’s leading suppliers of advanced composite materials and equipment. What distinguishes Easy Composites and has lead to our phenomenal growth is a total commitment to providing unrivalled technical support on all of our products and processes which we deliver through our online video training courses, technical guides, support forum and expert telephone support. Operating from modern premises in Stoke-on-Trent, Easy Composites benefits from both extensive warehousing and a well equipped development and manufacturing facility.


In the year 2000 the company Galasport was established, it is a Czech company and is proud to produce all of their products in the Czech Republic. They have been striving to produce the best paddling products possible using only the best materials available along with a well known, highly skilled work force and designing team. It did not take long to be recognised as the best quality manufacturer of paddles and boats in countries all around the world. Their products are chosen by many of the top world competitors including gold medal Olympians and World Champions. They are proud to be at the global forefront of manufacturing and designing paddles and slalom boats.

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KayakingUK is a new company with high hopes, its run by paddlers for paddlers. They supply slalom products to the UK market at reasonable prices. They currently stock Frog and Connect Kayaks products, they are constantly looking to expand and take on more products, so stay tuned as they will be adding more products regularly. Whether you are a beginner or international athlete we have a range of products to suit your every need. Their operations are online as well as attending events, you can have your products shipped direct to your door but if your prefer you can see them in person at canoe slalom events. If you need any help or assistance in choosing what products are right for you please get in touch with them, they’d be happy to help.

Over Board

Over Board have been great to me, they have supplied me with all sorts of bags. These vary from large duffle bags, backpacks, dry bags, iPhone cases and even headphones all of which are waterproof. The roots of Over Board began on the Thai island of Phi-Phi. Among the diving shops Dan and Joel found the yellow waterproof bag that was to change their lives. Over Board live by the statement, “Because you shouldn’t have to leave it all behind when you head for the beach, boat or surf.” Dan and Joel’s commitment has been simple – to provide the highest quality, sharpest looking, waterproof protection and to give true value for money.

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Polar has been my first choice of sports watch from the beginning, I personally use the V800 and its been a trusty companion completing all of my sessions with me through blood sweat and tears. I particularly love the V800 as its jam packed with features I can use to help benefit me during my training such as GPS, specific sport profiles for each training session I do. Its particularly helps that the battery is long lasting and I’m not having to charge it every night. With a all black form it makes it look very slick and slimmer than it actually is. Been a bit of a geek theres a really cool feature that enables you to get your phone notifications displayed on your watch. Polar are definitely closing the gap to smartwatches.


For my choice of thermals I choose Reed all the way, they are unbelievably warm and once wet they dry very quickly. I don’t just use them on the water I often use them for keeping warm on the bank and have even used them when I go skiing. Reed garments are sold worldwide, providing protection and warmth so you can concentrate on having fun. They sell to a wide range of people who enjoy outdoor activities whether it be paddling, skiing, swimming, on the pitch or watching from the touchline. Their clothing is well known for its durability and excellence and most of their products are made in the UK. The benefits of this have not just been environmental, by keeping it British they are able to offer an unprecedented pre-sales and after-sales service to each of their customers.

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Squarerock supplies Sandiline gear to the UK. Sqaurerock’s customer service is amazing, any issue as small as it might be, they will resolve. Sandiline is a water sports clothing company that has twenty years of professional activity. Passion is still the main driving force at Sandiline, they love what they do. To keep their products high end and competitive Sandiline have carefully designed each item by experts and tested them by top-class athletes or professional users before they reach the market. All the gear they produce is made with the same dedication and passion as the first products off the shelf, but now with the benefit of more than two decades of experience and innovation. That experience makes Sandiline gear suitable, durable and likeable.


Wistia is an internet video hosting and analytics company that was founded in April 2006 by Chris Savage and Brendan Schwartz. The Wistia application includes detailed analytics, such as viewer heatmaps and integrations with external stats tools like Google Analytics. The Wistia interface allows for complete customization of the video player, post and pre-roll behaviour of the video. Along with features like the SuperEmbed Builder, which is the tool that assists with the generation of embed codes as well as the customization of the video’s behaviour and the player’s look, Wistia has also integrated closed captioning, transcripts, and other tools that are growing increasingly important in the video marketing world.

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