Canoe Slalom Repair Service

Canoe slalom repair service by Elliott Davidson, I’ve been in canoe slalom for 7 years and over this time I’ve had to repair many boats of mine. Through this I’ve gained experience for repairing all sorts of issues with carbon and carbon kevlar composite boats. From this experience I gained I decided to offer a canoe slalom repair service.

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Broken your canoe slalom boat? Need it repairing?

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To help people out I’ve made a collection of boat repair resources which include videos and detailed descriptions of how to repair your own boats. This also proves I know what I’m doing and you can actually see what I’ve done and the process I have used. If that’s not enough reassurance I’ve already repaired people’s equipment and below is what they had to say about my repair service.

Tail of my boat was crushed badly in transport, repair was great; strong, neat and well priced. Have had no problems since, would definitely recommend.

Anybody can attempt to repair a canoe slalom boat but there are other factors to consider. Do you have the right equipment needed? Do you know how to carry out the repair? Are you going to add extra weight to the boat in the process? Will it be strong enough? Do you have somewhere to repair the boat? To buy everything you need will cost a lot and will you ever use it again. Taking into consideration all of the elements you might find it easier to get someone to professionally repair your boat on your behalf.

The most common repairs tend to be:

  • Reseaming the tail/nose
  • Snapped tail
  • Patching a crack/hole
  • Seats wearing through

I can deal with most situations if I’ve missed an issue off on this list it doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t repair your boat. Please complete the form at the bottom of the page and I’ll get back to you.

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Have you damaged your canoe slalom boat?

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Here are some images of repairs that I’ve done with before and after shots.

canoe slalom repair service

Im based in Nottingham so meeting at the white water course isn’t an issue. I will also be attending all premier events and a few division one events, I will be able to look at your boat and give you a estimate whilst Im there.

If you are interested in a boat repair it costs nothing to ask and you might be surprised at what is possible, please fill out the form below. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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