There’s no doubt that when travelling either for domestic races or international races you should always have a repair kit with you. We have all had to deal with damaged or broken equipment sometimes even at the worst possible time, usually just before a race. I’m very lucky that I have the support of, they are a composite company based in the UK. They’ll be able to supply you with all of your canoe slalom repair needs and luckily for you they ship worldwide.

They were kind enough to supply me with essentials for my repair kit for this summer’s international racing. I have helped create this repair kit through my errors and experiences. I wanted to share this with you as it could save you stress and money, allowing you to compete even if you damage/break your equipment.

As you can see the repair kit fits nicely into this travel size box, which can easily be put into the car or even in your main luggage/kayak as I do when flying abroad.

canoe slalom repair kit

Breakdown of what’s in my canoe slalom repair kit, plus a link where to buy it from.

Products supplied by Easy Composites

Mixing cups – Quick and easy way to mix resin so it doesn’t go everywhere.

Seam tape – I used this for sticking the seat down or helping out a teammate when their C1 fittings have come out.

Epoxy resin –

Nitrile gloves

Carbon – The reason I chose this one specifically is due to the pro finish, this means that it’s much easier to cut as it has resin sprayed on one side holding the carbon strands together, buy this and you’ll thank me later.

Carbon scissors

Paint brushes

Mixing sticks

Wet and dry sandpaper

Sanding block

Digital scales


Release film

Products bought elsewhere

Heat gun


Epoxy putty

Tape measure



Stanley knife

Painters tape

Electrical tape

Duct tape

Hot melt glue sticks



Black seam tape from Galasport

Travel canoe slalom repair kit in my kayak.

As you can see I carry a lot of stuff in my repair kit, this helps me deal with nearly every scenario. There are a couple of products in there that I haven’t bought from Easy Composites, these are extras I’ve added to the kit to make it that bit better over time. This kit covers everything from re-seaming a slalom boat all the way to patching a crack/hole. It also covers paddle repairs and many more issues as many of my teammates will thank me for.

If you have any suggestions of things I could include or remove to this repair kit please let me know and also if you are wondering why I have some of these products in my kit I’d be happy to explain. If you are interested in buying any of this kit, the guys over at Easy Composites are very helpful and will be more than assist you.

If you want to know how to do a simple patch repair you can follow my repair tutorial here: how to patch a canoe slalom boat.