7 05, 2015

Canoe Slalom U23 World Championships 2015

I was lucky enough to be able to go represent Ireland at the U23 canoe slalom world championships. This is my trip report on how the training and competition went. There were lots of new experiences for me and it was my first time going to south America. To help show you how good of […]

24 02, 2015

Which boat bag should you choose?

I was faced with a dilemma last year of which boat bag should I chose? There were several different ones I could have chosen from, so which one was the best? Everybody tends to know that all the top boat manufacturers make their own boat bags but honestly I found that […]

8 10, 2014

Reed Chillcheater Transpire Fleece Thermals Review

It’s getting to that time of year again when you start paddling in the dark; its wet, miserable and you’re cold. You put on so many layers to keep warm that you can’t move. I’m lucky that I’ve been using Reeds thermals for about 6 years now way before they sponsored me,  you […]

14 07, 2014

How to patch a canoe slalom boat

How to patch a canoe slalom boat – the video below is a time lapse of how to patch a canoe slalom boat. To help you out I have made a detailed written description of the process I went through of how to patch a canoe slalom boat. I would like […]

18 06, 2014

Canoe Slalom Repair Kit

There’s no doubt that when travelling either for domestic races or international races you should always have a repair kit with you. We have all had to deal with damaged or broken equipment sometimes even at the worst possible time, usually just before a race. I’m very lucky that I have the support of easycomposites.co.uk, […]

22 03, 2014

Irish Canoe Slalom Selection 2014

Selection this year was held in Scotland at a place called Grand Tully. This is home to one of the more difficult slalom courses in the UK. To prepare myself and make the most of the races ahead I went up one week before the competition. This meant I would have a chance […]

4 02, 2014

Winter Training 2014

At the start of October I moved to Loughborough University, this caused some issues at the start for my winter training. Its only a 40 mins drive to HPP in Nottingham but I can’t drive and this meant I had to travel via public transport/cycle. It turned out the best way for me […]

18 01, 2014

Canoe Slalom 2013 U23 European Championships

We left the day after competing at the U23 World Championships for Bourg St Maurice, the venue for the U23 European Championships, this is where the adventure began. The simplest route was to go via London, not so simple after all. We had to somehow make our way from where we had been […]

18 01, 2014

2013 ICF Canoe Slalom Cardiff World Cup Race 1

Leading up to the Cardiff World Cup race I had been making sure I was getting the time I needed to train on white water. The issue with Cardiff is that they don’t release the water on the level for racing regularly, so it was unrealistic for me to train there prior to the race. […]