Elliott Davidson Irish Canoe Slalom Athlete

 On the Irish canoe slalom U23 & Senior team, I’ve been on the team for the last 4 years.

Elliott Davidson Canoe Slalom Athlete

Elliott Davidson is a member of the Irish Senior canoe slalom team. He posts regular updates, follow him on this journey as he travels around the world training and competing. Make sure to go follow his social media accounts for the most up to date news, pictures and videos.

Canoe slalom is a very demanding sport and requires a lot of time and dedication. To be able to train full time and go abroad competing is a big financial burden. Thanks to his sponsors and his parents they make it possible, a big thanks goes out to them. If you want to help support him, make sure to get in contact with him. 

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2402, 2015

Which boat bag should you choose?

I was faced with a dilemma last year of which boat bag should I chose? There were several different ones I could have chosen from, so which one was the best? Everybody tends to know [...]

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What is Canoe Slalom?

Canoe slalom is a water sport, which involves paddlers kayaking down a river, which has gates hanging down from cables. There are red gates and green gates, the green gates you paddle down stream through and the red gates you paddle upstream. You are timed which creates the element of competition. If you hit/touch a gate you incur a 2 second penalty added to your final time, if you miss a gate you incur a 50 second penalty. Courses are generally around 100 seconds long and consist of between 18-25 gates of which 6 or 7 gates are upstream (red gates). There are different age categories U18, U23 and Senior.

In the UK there are 5 divisions (division 4 through to Prem) and each slalom event is tailored to that division. This gives paddlers an indication of how difficult the slalom course will be. The higher up the division the more challenging the water and race course becomes and once you compete in the top division this includes paddling white water, weirs and drops. International racing takes things to a higher level again. The best paddlers from around the world compete at the world’s best venues to battle it out to find out who’s the best. There are World championship, European championship and World Cup Series races.

A big thanks to all the companies who help me out by sponsoring me. Without their help and support, I’d not be able to achieve what I have done to date, I really appreciate every bit of support. Learn more about who sponsors me >